It starts again

Previously this site hosted a blog where I was posting my thoughts, mostly about my concerns with time errors within the Back To The Future movies, and other things I deemed somewhat interesting. But as with a lot of things I started to get bored with the whole thing, especially continually having to cover for those slack monkeys, so the site went away.

So a year or so has passed and many things have changed, at least a few of those lazy monkeys must have died by now, and my recent use of Twitter has left me with the need to write some things that are longer than 140 characters. And it is much easier to write bigger things here rather than post 6 tweets in a row like some Twittery (wow, according to my spell checker that is actually a word) people I know.

What am I planning to write about, I hear the masses (or the two people that know about this blog) asking? Love, life and our place in the universe are all ridiculously complicated topics so I will probably restrict is to things I know about including internet and computer things as well as things that either get up my nose or interest me. However this may change as I am quite a strange one and nothing really keeps my attention for too long, which really does explain the demise of the first blog, well that and the lazy monkeys (how they try my patience with the demands for better wine and a few days a year on Earth to relax).

That is enough for now, and I have no doubt you are already scared and worried. Check back sometime and see if I have kept it up this time.